Feb 1

We spend our lives in abject supplication to our neurotransmitters, performing both menial and Herculean tasks in the hopes they might grace us with their blessings. We exercise, we adventure, we tell stories, play games, listen to music, gaze at nature and art; we chase wealth, status, or just simple comfort; we touch, and we pursue the affections of others. We do all of these things for the fleeting rewards doled upon us.

Meanwhile, hard-core drug users simply storm the castle and attack our biochemical overlords for those rewards with sharp objects.

If nothing else, you have to appreciate their clarity of purpose—even if they themselves aren’t always conscious of it.

Apr 7
Sep 9

RIP Stefán Karl Stefánsson, you’ll live on in our memes..

Half-ass meme inspired by this whole-ass write-up on Quillette.

Sep 9

Trump Authoritarians Insecurity Meme

Jul 25

meme of angel on cloud

Apr 6

If you think a man juggling chainsaws would be relieved when they start running out of gas, you haven’t really asked yourself why a man juggles chainsaws in the first place.

Feb 13

If only this were a required attribute to be considered an “adult” of our species.

Feb 3

The caption I posted to Imgur was: “Baby Boomer grandfather explains the American economy to his millennial grandson”.


Edit: and just got a notification that this went viral/made the front page of Imgur. Neat. If any of you followed the teeny watermark over here: sup?

Jan 23

Fake Books at Hobby Lobby

If someone from the past asked me what kind of culture we had in 2017, I’d explain how we sell fake books that people use to decorate their homes.

Jan 10

Nietzsche said that there are two types of people: those who want believe, and those who want to know.

More recently, it’s been suggested that the distinction between the two may be related to intelligence. Now I know how condescending that sounds, but think about how the mind works: stitching together a constant stream of information coming from the senses and presenting it to us in a form that becomes our individual “reality”.

Where the brain cannot stich together information from the senses, it relies on memory, or knowledge. It fills in the gaps as best it can to create the illusion of something solid, so we can make decisions that will keep us alive.

The less knowledge you have, the bigger the gaps, and the greater the need to fill them with something, anything, to maintain a coherent story. And filling those gaps with knowledge is a lot harder, and sometimes much less pleasant, than filling them with what you want to believe.

So I don’t know if I agree with the idea that Intelligence is the deciding factor, as much as a sort of general mental strength –more akin to character and willpower– to resist the temptation to rely on wishful thinking, rather than critical thinking. 

Because frankly, wishful thinking isn’t it really thinking at all.

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