Sep 17

My daughter does Ballet one day a week and Jiujitsu (MMA) two. She’s eight. She’s a she. These are all good things.

The ballet helps her flexibility and balance. Besides, she’s a GIRL and even though girls can be feminine and kick ass at the same time, I’m taking great pains to ensure her interests in ass kicking are balanced with her greater interest in growing up to be a well-adjusted female member of society.

While pondering this as I often ponder things (mostly while in traffic), it occurred to me that gender roles and what society expects out of individuals based on where their reproductive organs are, are fairly well entrenched. read more

Sep 16

The more I encounter the term “Truth”, the more I realize it’s used mostly by people who are allergic to the word “Fact”.

Sep 9

As requested by the INTERNET, here’s the video of me putting the first few rounds through my Kel-Tec PF-9.

Yeah, it’s got some recoil for being so small. I managed to get a group about the size of a silver dollar at 10 yards.

And then the damn thing just up and died. Went from being a 7+1 automatic pistol, to a single shot pump action via manually resetting the slide after every round. Left the thing for the armorer to look at and went about my day.

In short, the damn trigger stopped functioning. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but it’s pretty bad for a brand new firearm to take about 8 rounds before crapping out. However, the day wasn’t a total loss as we put about 300 rounds through a Walther P-22. A pistol even an 8 year old can shoot: read more

Sep 4

Quick thought.

This video is an example of why it took me 10 years before I actually put up a site dedicated to my random thoughts. The current tagline here is “A Tribute to Internet Narcissism, Skepticism, and Various Other ‘isms”, and that’s because I realize there’s something narcissistic about posting what’s in your head and expecting random strangers to give a damn.

Fortunately, I don’t and this is more of an exercise in writing something on a regular basis. Regardless, this guy is exactly how I picture many “bloggers” who write about themselves and not something specific like Aesopian, for example. read more