Feb 23

These guys are pretty cool. Napster doesn’t have anything on them and I haven’t checked iTunes though. Guess I could always download the MP3 straight off YouTube.

Feb 23

Friday 4:30 sucks. But with a few extra whiteboards it sucks less.

I was originally going to just swipe one of the whiteboards sitting unused from a recent cube restructuring at the office. My cube neighbor (cubebor?) Michael noticed that it was just long enough to reach across the width of the cube and would work as a roof. So we hoisted both of them on there and used a corkboard as the door.

This is what happens when your boss leaves early on Friday.

Feb 10

I went here to catch some video and see what was what. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to see that many people show up. Someone said there were upwards of 70.

A few notable things:

  • Guy with a beard and long hair in only a button up shirt and tie, yelling “Scientology Eats Babies” and “Scientology Gave Me Hemorrhoids”.
  • Xenuanon
  • Someone holding a poster that read “Scientology Says Jesus was a Pedophile”
  • People shouting “Ebaumsworld.com”
  • The cops bringing 2 squad cars and the paddywagon until ultimately realizing nobody was actually going to blow up the CoS building or anything
  • A massive hawk that flew up and perched above the CoS building, seemingly taking in the spectacle.
  • Huge numbers of people honking at the signs (“Honk if you think Scientology is a cult”, etc).
  • Very out-of-place couple that looked like they just walked off of the set of Melrose Place 2008 or something, asking questions. Maybe they were with the CoS?

I wasn’t around to see this, but one anon on the KC raid thread on Enturbulation.org noted:

There was a grand exit at 1:30 when everyone counted down from 10 to 0, then everyone just went in every direction, was def lulz. We had 1 guy following our group as we left, but he noticed us taking pictures of him and dropped off tailing us. All in all, a good day. read more