Jun 28

And yet, it’s only 9 seconds long:

Jun 24

I’m going to take a stab at putting something on here every day. Honestly, I probably won’t follow through on this because I’ll find myself straining to have an opinion on extremely trivial and mundane bullshit.

Kind of like Classmates.com.

After oh, let’s say 5 years of being pestered by these bastards I finally decided to sign up for the minimal subscription to view the people who’d signed my profile or some such. Whee. I could have spent that $15 on all kinds of things that would have provided more gratification; like a dozen boxes of thumbtacks to roll around naked on. Yeah, I ended a sentence with a preposition, what. read more

Jun 21

Really, not joking.

Jun 20

So having just posted the Tesla Coil version of the Super Mario Bros. themesong (below) I went back to do some work on the advertising on my other sites. I’ve been looking into Chitika’s new “Premium Ads” which only show to US search engine traffic and decided to give them a go since the sites are well SEO’d.

Now I’m one of those guys who’s compelled to push every button on a thing just to see what it does. So when I was presented with this screen on the publisher control panel, I clicked both options just to see what would happen even though I was going to make an ad: read more

Jun 20

And it’s so awesome:

Jun 18

I wanted to repost this here because I just came across it going through old Bullshido content and it’s fairly personal (thus relevant to my exercise in Internet Narcissism otherwise known as “blogging”.) It’s just a snippet and you can read the rest at the link below:

I haven’t always been a Skeptic, nor have I always been pro-science. Being a bored, introspective youth of 15 with above-average intelligence and stuck in a small hick town, I myself started studying the paranormal/supernatural. My mom worked two jobs, and I pretty much raised myself, so I didn’t have anyone to call bullshit on my newly forming beliefs. And the fact that I seemed to be smarter than everyone I was around only fed my teenage ego to the point where I started assuming I knew better than everyone else, including Science. read more

Jun 9

Is there an instrument greater than the electric guitar? I don’t think so, and if you disagree you deserve to have your face melted off by the sheer power of rock… or something equally virile and horrible at the same time.

This is so not me, but nonetheless it’s awesome:

Jun 5

Attention restaurant owners/website administrators:

Every time you put your menu in PDF form, you’re kicking your visitor’s browser in the crotch. For the love of Ramsay, please put your menu into the actual site content. There are plenty of content management systems that will allow even the illegal kitchen workers to update it if need be.

If freaking Chili’s can get it right, so can you. I’m talking to you in particular, Piropo’s.

Jun 4

Team Fortress 2 Engineer

I haven’t played a lot of First Person Shooters over the years, but upon the recommendation of a man many at Bullshido know as “Boyd”, I picked up the Orange Box and got sucked into Team Fortress 2.

Let’s just say there was a bit of a learning curve and I got smoked relentlessly until I figured things out. And after having gotten 35 kills in one round I now feel qualified to post a few secrets. But because I dutifully hate GameFAQs like every other self-respecting gamer, I’m not writing this in the style of one of their player guides or with any intent that it should be compared to them. read more