Jul 31

This is my 9 year old daughter’s current favorite song:

Jul 21

I was going to write this up as a post here, but then I realized it was a bit too newsworthy to be relegated to this dark corner of the Internet and put it on Sociocide. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote though, with a link at the end:

Smuggling our crappy Panera lattes past the apathetic ticket-tearer-guy was a breeze. And I suppose that if it wasn’t for my senses being heightened from implementing this nefarious scheme to avoid even worse (and more overpriced) coffee, I wouldn’t have noticed the two gentlemen dressed in all black purposefully walking off towards one of the theaters just to the right of the straw dispensers and arcade games. read more

Jul 10

I’ve probably coined hundreds of words over the years; most of which were of dubious utility. But some (ok, two) have become commonly used such as “bullshido” and “fucktard”, both coined sometime in the early-mid 90’s. I’m not sure if I should be overly proud of the latter, but I’ll take credit for it nonetheless.

Having forgotten many of these ‘neologisms’ or terms I figured I should use this blog as a repository for them going forward, as they pop into my head. This category will serve as part dictionary, part repository, part shameful reminder as I’ll probably regret having posted many of these as they’ll be of little use and only apply to Internet culture in many cases. read more

Jul 1


pirate cutlass

300 mg of caffeine, a chest workout, and listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack will do crazy things to a man.