Sep 23

One of the best things about working from home, aside from the 50′ morning commute, is the ability to watch shitty daytime television while you’re working from your couch.

Like, for example, an episode of Magnum, p.i. where Thomas Magnum and his killer fuckin’ moustache are in London, and he’s somehow developed psychic powers.

Hell yeah.

Sep 5

I usually sit here and have Napster running in the background, playing random tracks while I write crap. It’s got this cool quick playlist thing that lets you add all songs from an album with a single click and is pretty useful as a digital jukebox.

Anyway, I load it up and notice one of the featured artists is Ice Cube, who I guess has a new album out or something. I click that, it adds it to my playlist.

After a few seconds I’m not really into it and notice the swanky icons for Presidential playlists with Obama and McCain, songs from their campaign and personal favorites. Obviously I click the McCain one and go back to posting. It ran through some very middle-of-the road crap including the Beach Boys, Sinatra, and Neil Diamond. Whatever, I’m ok with them. read more