Oct 31

For the explanation, read this thread on Bullshido.

Oct 29

It’s a two for one today.

Has anyone noticed how the Xbox logo looks like some kind of space avocado?

Also, it occurred to me that in all my time on the Internet, using this handle, nobody’s ever tried to use “dephrost” as a burn. Not that it’s a good one, but considering the overall lack of quality on the Internet in general (just read a few YouTube comments if you don’t see what I mean), I just would have expected it by now.

Oct 27

ninjaconThis isn’t technically a “Nealogism” as it’s not mine, but like a wide-eyed orphan child I am adopting it and sending it out into the world for the betterment of society. It actually came from this thread on my politics/society discussion forum. And like the unstated but undeniable goal (though rarely achieved) of raising any child a particular way, I’m defining it for my own purposes.


A Ninjacon is a conservative who may feel it prudent to conceal his or her political views due to their perceived unpopularity with their peers. This term might also describe a self-loathing conservative, or someone who refuses to discuss politics entirely but holds conservative views. read more