Oct 30

MS Paint by SA Forums Goon "Onic".

Oct 4

  • Judging fights at Memorial Hall. When I was 5 I watched Andre the Giant wrestle here from the cheap seats. Now I'm ringside in a suit. #fb #
  • They're playing Dragonforce as pre-event music. Rad. #
  • Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored show was supposed to start at 8 bored bored bored how many boreds fit in a 140 character tweet? #
  • No cigars for almost 2 months… I wish someone would invent a strain of tobacco that was good for your cardio. And protein donuts too… #
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    Oct 2

    kanye west and the douche posse

    Is it bad that I occasionally catch myself daydreaming about punching Kanye West in the douchegoggles*?

    It’s not that I have anything specific against the guy, hell, I don’t know him any more than most people know any “celebrities”. And I fully realize how stupid it is to spend any brain cycles thinking about the guy in the first place. But it’s obvious by his antics that he’s a spoiled manchild**.

    The twit acts like a full-grown toddler; “infantile megalomania”, I believe is the appropriate term. Kanye West is the spoiled brat running through the grocery store intentionally knocking things off the shelves because they were out of Super Sugar Fruity Crack Flakes. And just like how I find myself shoving my hands into my pockets to be extra double sure that they don’t fly out on their own and give a brat like that a righteous spanking, I get a similar precautionary twitch when it comes to grown-ups who act like spoiled children. read more