Jan 31
  • MOUT training (room clearing): SGT Fletcher 18, recruits 1 (and that was a gimme). I wish there was a MOS for OPFOR. #
  • I'm an ok conversationalist, but I've never mastered the art of leaving voicemail, even after working as a headhunter. Are there classes? #
  • Had a dream about Google AdWords last night. The worst part of working from home is that you actually have to commute to get AWAY from work! #
Jan 29

Yeek Yeek, Whoop Whoop...

Yeek Yeek, Whoop Whoop...

To be honest, I don’t really have a fleshed-out idea for this blog post; I just wanted to get this phrase down on “paper” since it sounded good in my head.

It wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a genuine sounding diatribe centered around how humanity seems to be adding more technological buffers between genuine human interaction, but it wouldn’t be sincere. I actually appreciate the fact that I can have asynchronous conversations with dozens of people around the world; that I can close my netbook and go do “real world stuff” and a message or two is waiting on me, and the conversation continues. read more

Jan 27

In keeping with my use of this blog mainly as a coatrack for stuff I care about, this is just nifty:

Hrm, I don’t have a category for Economics, but I don’t really post much on it anyway.

Originally posted in this thread on Sociocide.

Jan 24
  • Well… that's weird. Last week I sent a tweet about Atlanta Bread Company's scalding coffee. This week the location is out of business… #
  • @manmadef everything ok? in reply to manmadef #
  • Einstein Bros. doesn't have wifi? Is that a local franchise thing or chain-wide? Should have gone to Scooters. #coffee #
  • Ring announcer: "…winning by tapout due to referee stoppage…" uh, what? #mma #
Jan 20

Google, baby, I love you; you know I’ll always be faithful to you. I’m just noticing Bing’s… um “features”. That’s right, it’s just a business relationship, nothing more.

Bing will delete all IP address records after 6 months

Bing will delete all IP address records after 6 months

I know you’re not the jealous type, so you won’t mind if she and I spend more time together. We might have to work some lat nights at the office, but you know I’ll be coming home to you at the end of the day.

From Ars Technica.

Jan 18

Google's China HQ

Google's China HQ

Ni Hao, Google?

This post on Webmaster World dealing with the recent shenanigans around Google’s Chinese venture, caught my eye. So I’m reposting it here:

What have we got so far?

Google: PR smokescreens from MV telling the main stream media that they do this for two reasons 1) censorship debate, and 2) hacking attempts on Gmail accounts. Google making https connections the default for Gmail. A revenue of $200M generated in the PRC. They threaten to uncensor the results on google.cn. (I have not seen a credible source that Google already has uncensored their results.) read more

Jan 17
  • You know what's totally awesome? Being mildly electrocuted by your headphones when you're trying to work out. #
Jan 11

pepsi zombies

Everyone’s familiar with the branding disaster involved when Chevy tried to introduce its Nova to the Latin American market (“no va” means “doesn’t go” in Spanish).

However, did you know that Pepsi inadvertently tried to sell its cola to the Taiwanese market under the promise that it’d reanimate their grandparents?

According to Brand Failures a book by Matt Haig, Pepsi’s “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” came out “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead”. read more

Jan 10
  • The coffee at Atlanta Bread Company must be kept at near boiling; need half a dozen ice cubes before it's even close to drinkable. #coffee #
Jan 7

An old friend of mine is currently living in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  While keeping up with the goings-on in her life over there, I’ve gotten a clear sense that she’s growing progressively more frustrated with how things are done in a country run by a fundamentalist religion.  I genuinely feel for her in that predicament.

Moral pantywaist apologists notwithstanding, I would hope most clear-headed people are aware of how culturally backwards things are in any country which allows itself to be governed by something as nebulous as faith, and ruled by something as archaic as a monarch. read more