Feb 28

  • Trying to do a "decaffeinated" week to see how it affects my performance at the gym. So far, so good. #FB #
  • Awkward… wasn't paying attention and sat down at the wrong table, cracking joke about the country on the radio. Glad dude wasn't a fan #f #
  • @luisespinal Haha. Well I'm doing it mainly because it finally sunk in that caffeine and creatine don't play well together. in reply to luisespinal #
  • They wouldn't look at you funny if you ordered a burger at Burger King or a taco at Taco Bell. But at Panda Express… #fb #
  • Woman pitching Avon to desperate-looking young lady; two 40-something men discussing mail-order brides. #Starbucks at midday in the midwest #
  • Judging #MMA at Memorial Hall in KC tonight. Amateur fights, apparently. #
  • Did I mention how much I love my #Netbook? Sitting here cageside about to judge a MMA event, on Trillian, Bullshido, Twitter, and Facebook. #
  • I swear they left the doors open to the outside. It's about 50 degrees here at cageside. #
  • They just fixed the heat. First I tweet about scalding coffee and the place goes out of business, now this. Hmm… My mortgage is too high! #
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    Feb 27


    Dear Gentleman Driving Gray Grand Prix,

    Perhaps you could explain how you can get upset at me when you’re the one who blew through the stop sign and nearly t-boned my car? Do you realize that when both of our windows are up because it’s 20 degrees outside, yelling and waving your arms isn’t a very effective means of communication? This is why after a few seconds of you doing it, I responded by making a gesture representing the act of fellatio.

    Additionally, it’s probably not a good idea to get out of your car and walk around chest-thumping like you’re going to do something when the other guy happens to be wearing wrestling shoes, a cup, and gloves because he just left the gym where he was deadlifting two of you. read more

    Feb 21

  • Apparently in the last "Follow Friday" I got included by a few fans of Trance music. Not sure why, but glowsticks are cool I guess. #
  • "Today" started at 3AM. The MO ARNG wants to make sure I'm a functioning piece of equipment; they tested my belts, hoses, and fluid levels. #
  • Call me a jerk, but I can't think of a single event at the Winter #Olympics that I consider as a valid sport. Maybe Biathlon… maybe. #FB #
  • #FF @EFF @mashable @CreativeCombat – some overlap, but we're tweeting from a unified console. That would be @HootSuite http://ow.ly/1985r #
  • New sushi place in Lee's Summit… "Sakura". Decent service; hard to mess up raw fish so I guess I'll say it was good too. #
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    Feb 16


    So I’m digitally milling around, doing 15 things at once, as always. And it occurs to me that there really just isn’t a great tool to centralize all of one’s social media. I know there are a few out there that try, but none in particular just get my search engines running (if you know what I mean).

    As someone who’s done a lot of web branding, the first thing that pops into my mind when it’s daydreaming about hypothetical solutions to such a problem, is “what would the domain name be?”. And honestly, that’s partly because it’s one of the more fun parts of a project like that. It’s a lot like scrounging through a junkyard trying to find an alternator for your 280Z (the Z, not the ZX, those are ugly and suck). Only GoDaddy is the junkyard. When you do find something worthy of taking home and bolting onto your car (or project, to crank the torture rack on the analogy), it’s highly gratifying. I imagine it’s a lot like the feeling a Neanderthal got when he found a wounded sabertooth he could finish off and drag back to the village, earning him some hot cavewoman action. read more

    Feb 14
    Feb 10


    So Google launched its second foray into social networking today.

    “Wait, second?” you ask. Yep. Oh, you never heard of Orkut?

    Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. That’s probably because you’re not a Brazilian gang member.

    It remains to be seen whether or not this will be a “Facebook killer”, or at least deliver a low blow to the giant site. However, Google’s approach to launching this is great for two main reasons:

    Workplace Restrictions

    For a large chunk of the population, the act of checking social networking sites during work hours has replaced the smoke break. Employers have noticed this, and consequently, Facebook, Myspace, etc. are blocked at many workplaces. read more

    Feb 7

  • Working from home: the laptop is on top of my netbook, and the chihuahua is on top of my lap. Not sure how this configuration happened… #
  • RT @PopSci Cyber-Thieves Make Millions from Emissions Cap-and-Trade Scam http://bit.ly/dkf4qP #
  • RT @BoingBoing Google now offers search results from "within your social circle" http://bit.ly/cj4gyO #
  • You know society has devolved when you see people at a restaurant for lunch in their pajamas and fuzzy house slippers. #
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