May 30
  • Who needs a microwave when the exhaust from your laptop can melt the cheese on a sandwich within a few minutes? #
  • ♫ C is for Coffee, that's good enough for me ♫ #
May 27

Rock of the Marne

Rock of the Marne

You know what really sticks in my craw? When political correctness demands that actual history be rewritten to accommodate those prone to outrage.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t another boorish rant on political correctness. It’s just a rant at shitty rewrites.

The Dogface Soldier was a song written for the Third Infantry Division, of which I was a part for about a year before transferring to a better job involving a red beret and sitting on my ass in front of a computer. In PLDC (the course required for promotion to Sergeant) we had to memorize this song, and actually sing it. read more

May 23

  • Well that's disturbing. My new broadband card has a warning that it needs to be 5mm from me away to prevent overexposure to radiation. #
  • @PVT_Craighead been trying that. T-mobile and their 0.3G network sucks. Loading Bullshido took forever when it didn't time out in reply to PVT_Craighead #
  • Stupidity should be expensive: "The average household making less than $13K/yr spends $645/yr on lottery tickets" Source: #
  • @dougrichards The multiplayer looks awesome. in reply to dougrichards #
  • Rand Paul; 'nuff said. #
  • Went to 24 Hour Fitness in Overland Park only to find it empty with dumpsters out front. Explains the crowd at the tiny one in Olathe. #
  • Limbaugh: drugs are legal in Mexico, and look at all their drug-related crime. Way to miss the point by 1969 miles. #
  • Calderon to W. Blitzer: "our police ask people they suspect of being in the country illegally, for papers". Como se dice "irony" en espanol #
  • "Property is theft" as much as "sex is rape". I can't be the first person to say this, but I'm too lazy to check and see who else did. #
  • I suspect that if Twitter had been around in Robert Heinlein's day, he'd have written thousands of tweets, but 0 novels. #
  • Cojones: "Hey popular sports site owner: big sports event worth millions is coming up. Be a chum and promote it for us for free, will… #
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    May 19

    I’m starting to think the Cufon effect on the blog is a bit much. Of course, it looks a lot better when the blog is populated with actual content, and not just a mashup of tweets.

    Actually, I probably should de-bold the text of the tweets. Unfortunately, right now that’s priority #729, behind learning Arabic (#47) and re-unlocking the AK-47 on Modern Warfare (#681).

    May 16
    • For proponents of limited government, it always helps to have a country like China around to point to as justification. #
    • Well whose brilliant idea was that? If you type "b" (sans quotes) into Firefox and hit enter, /b/ loads, in all its glory. Using FF 3.6.3 #
    May 9

  • Damnit Tom Cruise; either quit Scinos or stop making good movies… sucks to have to buy the wrong ticket and sneak in so you don't get my $ #
  • Finally got the blog up and running again. For a second I thought it got hacked, but ironically, it was the server security measures. #
  • Just heard the term "socio-economic diversity", and the context in which it was used was as a good thing by the PC crowd. Much irony. #
  • "@wikileaks: We would like a list of as many .mil email addresses as possible" And this is the moment when I stop following WikiLeaks. #
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    May 2

  • According to, Richard Wagner is "On Tour". I wonder if the cemetary administrator is aware of this development. #
  • @JeremyMelloul I'm sure that's prudent. But think of how productive #TED could be on subjects where there is genuine consensus! in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • @JeremyMelloul yeah, sorry…. was a few days ago. I use a twitter client that threads conversations so I don't miss replying to people. in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • @JeremyMelloul nope, not sarcastic. I don't drink the #TED koolaid outright; I just wish our culture wasn't getting so anti-intellectual. in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • RT @EFF: if logged in you send info to FB when visiting a site with the "like" button, whether you "like" it or not. #
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