Oct 6

Occasionally, when I’m not trolling people on my friends list (and people on my friends’ friends lists), there’s a decent conversation. So I wanted to see about archiving these conversations, otherwise they’d get lost in the stream. If this turns into a big pain in the ass, I probably won’t do it. So far though, it’s only a few key strokes and mouse flicks to anonymize the participants; I’m not going to assume by default that they’d be happy with me posting their real names/etc. read more

Oct 6

Guess it’s not a surprise on some issues; I might actually have to pick up this book.

In other news Jon Stewart is uncharacteristically out of his depth and does a crappy job with this interview.

The reason I say “we think alike” is because it was just the other day that I made a post on the JREF’s forums saying a similar thing. We need to come to a consensus on what constitutes a workable sense of morality that’s stripped of all vestiges of religious nonsense. For example: if you strip the religion out of the Ten Commandments, you get: read more

Oct 4

This one, in response to the ever popular “women drivers suck” status post on a friend’s wall.

Although it’s also been demonstrated that, due to thousands of years of males being predominately hunters, we’re better at spacial recognition, judgement of distance, and anticipating others’ course corrections; all skills which are essential to good driving.

Women, however, are superior at distinguishing colors and patterns, which were skills that allowed them to discern which fruits and berries were good and which were deadly. Apparently women are able to perceive more shades of red than men as well. read more

Oct 2

I always wanted one of these as a kid; mainly because I hated math. But by the time I joined the Army and moved out on my own, it wasn’t exactly something I wanted to spend my own money on. Especially since they weren’t exactly in style.

Now that I’m a bit older, I could give less than a rat’s backside as to what’s fashionable. Ironically, these do seem to be in with the girl-jean wearing, PBR-drinking hipster crowd. Apparently it’s some sort of throwback to the 80’s, like the louvered glasses, striped shirts, and Magnum P.I. moustaches.

Of course, had it not been on clearance…  I sure as hell wouldn’t have paid the full $45 original price.  I doubt only the most insincere trust fund-baby hipster would either, unless somehow they were “ironically” spending their parents’ money or something. read more