Jul 12

This is from a speech Robert Heinlein gave in 1973 to the United States Naval Academy.  I’ve picked it up where he gets to the heart of the subject he wanted to impress upon the midshipmen; the fundamentals of morality and why patriotism is a practical matter of survival.

…why would anyone want to become a naval officer?

In the present dismal state of our culture there is little prestige attached to serving your country; recent public opinion polls place military service far down the list. read more

Jul 7

Random thought/dime-store epiphany:

It occurs to me that, above all else – economic, military, ideological, or other forms of control over a society; that the most effective means of controlling large groups of people is to manipulate their expectations for their lives.

If the state, religion, or a private entity, can convince enough people that 2.5 kids, home ownership, a white picket fence, and retirement in Florida, for example is “a life well-lived”; then people who hold this belief are effectively fenced within said white pickets. The same went for the founders of ancient Sparta, the Samurai, or the Viking thanes; they shaped the expectation of thousands of lives within a frame that dictated that glory was to be sought, and on the battlefield. read more

Jul 1

Thanks to FLX from the SA Forums for this info.

Joining Google+ (as of July 1st)

Receive an invitation e-mail from someone who likes you.

Open the e-mail an click the red “Learn more about Google+” button:
learn more about Google+

You will most probably be directed to this site:
Google+ Landing Page

WAIT FOR SOME TIME AND CHECK THE SITE AGAIN UNTIL IT ASKS YOU FOR YOU PROFILE INFORMATION (it took about an hour in my case until a new page appeared instead of the “over capacity … check back soon” page)

Inviting People to Google+

At the top of your Google+ stream there is a “share” textbox. Enter your message to the lucky invitee and enter his/her e-mail address below: read more