Aug 20


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. I can’t help but think this applies uniquely to my generation -the boys who were raised by a culture that told them in order to be men, they had to cultivate a specific image, rather than establish a meaningful legacy.

A man is strong, a man is tough. A man mourns in solitude with a drink in his hand and a straight line across his face. I must not be a man then, because I mourn with my head in my hands and water streaming down my face.

Dignity means not subjecting others to your shame, and in our broken culture, a man with tears in his eyes is a shameful thing. read more

Aug 18

Morning sunrise

Events have me thinking, mulling over views and re-examining beliefs.

I  express a lot of contempt for people who don’t make use of their brains to think things through; people who accept simple explanations to complicated issues, or prefer sugar-coated narratives over bitter facts. I’ve always thought my reasons for this contempt were sound: so many people have been hurt or exploited by beliefs in things that cannot be proven, that the world would be a vastly better place if we could move past those beliefs as a species. read more