Sep 20

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You know, I think I finally figured out what chaps my ass about hipsters, especially the Austin variety:

If you’re in your teens or early twenties, it’s fine that you’re trying to establish an identity, or even just cultivating an image.

But by the time you’re 30, if you haven’t managed to congeal your own personality, independent of a cultural trend, it’s probably because your life has been so soft and sheltered that you’ve never earned the kind of scars that give a person some actual character. read more

Sep 15


It’s funny when you look back at a draft of something you wrote when your head was in a different place, in a different time –when you were a different person. I wrote this when I was high on a certainty that I knew where things were going in my life. I was a few chapters into something I thought was going to be an epic novel, only to find out it was only meant to be a short story.

At some point in the history of this country, we got sidetracked.

We became more concerned with safety and security than independence and liberty. Being entertained became more important than being informed. Being a man became more about cultivating an image than leaving a legacy. read more