Oct 9


You’re not going to click this, even if you agree with it. Especially if you agree with it. You’re going to Like this post, maybe even share it, but your relationship with digital media has been so abusive that clicking on something seems like a risky commitment to a longer-term, intellectual relationship.

And you’re not ready for that right now, are you?

Oct 9

peasantsThe difference between peasants and free men is that peasants are only allowed to bear arms in the service of their betters.

The bulk of feudal peasants led lives that, for the time, were safe and comfortable; as long as they served the nobility well and knew their places. But we abandoned Feudalism for a reason, and our ancestors faced all sorts of horrors and brutality at the hands of princes to do so for their children’s children: us.

Fear may be the most effective force for motivating large groups of people, but it tends to motivate people in one of two ways: to prepare for a fight, or to huddle together in the hope someone stronger will protect them.
Which group you fall into says a lot about your character. read more

Oct 4


I love people.

No, seriously.

Why are you making that face?

You can tell how much I love people by the fact that I’m constantly disappointed by them; only a thing you love can disappoint you.

I think the source of that disappointment is a desire to see the potential of our species on full display when there isn’t some threat or crisis to rouse it; for people to come together to accomplish something based on idealism, rather than necessity.

Why does it take something dire before we demonstrate our collective potential? Why does every great collective effort seem to be the result of some sort of crisis or coercion? Even the greatest achievement of the Human race –putting men on the surface of the moon– despite what Kennedy said, came about largely because of a national fear of the Soviets beating us to it. Sure, NASA is still doing great things, but in the absence of a similar looming threat –terrorists not having declared Jihad on Space– the agency is clinging on with its fingernails under constant threat of an ever-shrinking budget. read more