Jan 23

Fake Books at Hobby Lobby

If someone from the past asked me what kind of culture we had in 2017, I’d explain how we sell fake books that people use to decorate their homes.

Feb 28

So in anticipation of GRRM dying of a baconator and fan bj-induced heart attack in a closet at a con after party, I’ve written the ending for ASOIAF:

Arya abandons the Faceless Men after her training is complete and goes rogue, searching for Sansa. Upon finding her, Arya is disgusted to discover that Sansa is legitimately in love with Littlefinger and supporting his ultimate plan of

Oct 12

Getting all the meat off the bones, then going for the marrow…

I’d meant to write this about a month ago; so while the timeliness of the post isn’t exactly optimal,  at least this is an exercise in following through.

The sign read “everything up to 70% off”, and they weren’t kidding; even the fixtures were marked down to a price point that tempted me to buy, and I don’t fucking need 15′ of commercial bookshelves.  That was just a few steps into the store. read more