Jul 23

…for some people, is both disturbing and depressing.

Jul 21

Journalists who have a bias in any direction of the political spectrum beyond “facts” should be dragged out of their houses by the people and shot.

The job of a Journalist is to inform the population; an essential component of any Republic that ensures its citizens can make smart decisions when casting ballots.

When Journalists take it upon themselves to slant an issue, insert their own commentary, or effect political change towards an agenda they personally support, they are violating their duties in the same way as a gynecologist who gets off on fondling your girlfriend during an exam. read more

Jun 21

iran-revoltLike many people inextricably plugged-in to the Internet, I’ve been following the (hopefully) historic events in Iran over the past several days with a combination of horror and hope. Will we get to see the birth of a new, true democracy in the Middle East, or will tyranny slam its fist down upon the people?

But if you haven’t been keeping as much of an eye on the situation, here are a few key things that bear pointing out:

Mousavi, the candidate who lost the “election”, is also the former president of Iran. Under his watch in the 80’s, Iran began its nuclear weapons program. He has, smartly, positioned himself as the defacto head of the uprising, but is nowhere near as liberal as the majority of the people that comprise this movement. read more