Feb 27


Dear Gentleman Driving Gray Grand Prix,

Perhaps you could explain how you can get upset at me when you’re the one who blew through the stop sign and nearly t-boned my car? Do you realize that when both of our windows are up because it’s 20 degrees outside, yelling and waving your arms isn’t a very effective means of communication? This is why after a few seconds of you doing it, I responded by making a gesture representing the act of fellatio.

Additionally, it’s probably not a good idea to get out of your car and walk around chest-thumping like you’re going to do something when the other guy happens to be wearing wrestling shoes, a cup, and gloves because he just left the gym where he was deadlifting two of you. read more

May 22

I was born in KC and grew up in Texas. So while an appreciation for country music and mullets, or a predilection for window decals of Calvin pissing on random things never took hold (thank FSM), I did develop a taste for good barbecue.

Creative license and a desire for meaningful backstory might get me to suggest that a love for BBQ was one of the reasons I left California and moved back to KC. I’d be blowing smoke up your ass if I did though. Mundane crap such as the cost of living, traffic, taxes, and hippies, and the general douchebaggery of many Californians (particularly the Bay Area) were the real reasons. I wasn’t thinking so much about food as I was about paying 20% more for everything and the privilege of waiting in lines for an hour or more just to get it. The Bay Area would be a wonderful place if it had half the people and a quarter of the Nanny-State devotees. read more

Feb 10

I went here to catch some video and see what was what. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to see that many people show up. Someone said there were upwards of 70.

A few notable things:

  • Guy with a beard and long hair in only a button up shirt and tie, yelling “Scientology Eats Babies” and “Scientology Gave Me Hemorrhoids”.
  • Xenuanon
  • Someone holding a poster that read “Scientology Says Jesus was a Pedophile”
  • People shouting “Ebaumsworld.com”
  • The cops bringing 2 squad cars and the paddywagon until ultimately realizing nobody was actually going to blow up the CoS building or anything
  • A massive hawk that flew up and perched above the CoS building, seemingly taking in the spectacle.
  • Huge numbers of people honking at the signs (“Honk if you think Scientology is a cult”, etc).
  • Very out-of-place couple that looked like they just walked off of the set of Melrose Place 2008 or something, asking questions. Maybe they were with the CoS?

I wasn’t around to see this, but one anon on the KC raid thread on Enturbulation.org noted:

There was a grand exit at 1:30 when everyone counted down from 10 to 0, then everyone just went in every direction, was def lulz. We had 1 guy following our group as we left, but he noticed us taking pictures of him and dropped off tailing us. All in all, a good day. read more