Jul 21


Events conspired to keep me out of training both jits and conditioning yesterday so I doubled up on the latter today.

Afternoon session:

4 Minutes of Tabata on the rowing machine. Bluetooth headset crapped out 3 minutes in, so I had to set my phone on the damn neck of the bench and watch the timer out of the corner of my eye.

To the tune of some shitty top 40 song I twiddled my thumbs waiting for either the squat rack or the power cage since for the first time in a year they were both occupied at the same time. And lo and behold, people were more or less using them for their intended purposes *gasp*. read more

Jul 6


I was reading a thread this morning on Bullshido (of course) in our PT forum, about the difference between the Stronglifts 5×5 program, and the old-school “Super Squats” mass building program.

While I’d heard of the “Squats and Milk” maxim, I’d never known there was an actual program associated with it.  So I looked it up and it’s pretty simple; it even includes a diet plan, of sorts.  I’m already doing the Stronglifts program (5×5) and working up towards a 405lb squat (4, 45lb plates on each side of the bar).  30lbs shy of it now, but my form is ugly and I need to get deeper. read more

Jun 22

Image: Matt Kirtley demonstrating double-under/"Bonaduce" guard pass.  www.Aesopian.comMatt Kirtley demonstrating double-under/"Bonaduce" guard pass. Aesopian.com

Server was out so I got to class technically late but in time for the rolling. We did a round-robin and somehow I ended up as the guy for the station that was in the cage.

Rolled with a female fighter prepping for an upcoming fight and focused on technique as we started from my guard. She did her best to drive me into the cage, and I baited with a leg on the fence to spin away; she didn’t bite and we scrambled. Kept my hips moving and grabbed an outside half guard while working for a banana-splits sweep. I didn’t have the lockdown but managed to get it anyway. Though I probably could have muscled straight into the sub by pulling her leg past my head, I chose not to. Got to her guard, Bonaduce passed and backed her into the cage without being too much of a dick about it and using my weight advantage. Ended up in a bastardized twister side control threatening a kimura but decided to abandon it and restart from my guard in the center. The round ran out shortly thereafter. Pretty strong for her weight class and she’ll definitely give her opponent hell. read more

Jun 15

Especially when your jujitsu coach is on Facebook:


Feb 5

You know you’re overexposed on the Internet when you do a Google Image Search for a term like “punch mma” and there’s a picture of you on page 3 of the results:

Mar 3

guillotine choke slam