Jul 9

After buying a mandolin on six cups of coffee and a whim this past weekend, I rediscovered this song, which was a huge hit in my youth that I’d completely forgotten about. It’s the kind of song that pretty much everyone can relate to, especially once you realize it has absolutely nothing to do with religion, except the kind that centers around another person, to the exclusion of sense and reason.

Or more accurately, it’s about losing your values and ideals by obsessing about another person. I kind of wish I’d paid enough attention to figure that out as a kid, because I was an embarrassingly hopeless romantic. It would have saved teenage me a ton of heartache and drama. read more

Jan 6

I’m not as big of a fan of music as some people; I don’t collect songs or albums, and I certainly don’t obsess about the difference between digital and analog. But I do appreciate certain types of music, especially those that effectively convey emotion or set a scene. That’s something you don’t find too often in most pop music, beyond the conventional garbage bouncing around in the heads of teenagers or adults who still act like them.

Did that read as smug? Yeah, probably. But it helps explain why, in part, I’m not someone who follows music. (The other reason is that I’ve only got so much room for crap to bounce around in my own head.) read more

May 23

The new video for “Pork and Beans”:

I’m not sure if I should think this is nifty or roll my eyes at it. If only there was a word between “huh” and “meh”, that’s what I’d use. Wait, duh, there is a word for that:


That’s exactly what I think of this video. “Heh”.

Apr 28

The video’s a bit (a lot) too “generic preachy suburbanite white indignation” for my tastes, but the song is awesome. Maybe it says something about me that when I first heard it, I took it more as a message of empowerment than, as the video seems to imply, the fact that some people seem to have too much power. But screw it, if I listened to music on the terms of the artist I’d have very little left to actually enjoy.

Although Kanye West is still a simpering douchebag.

Anyway, here’s the song: “No Handlebars” by Flobots. read more

Feb 23

These guys are pretty cool. Napster doesn’t have anything on them and I haven’t checked iTunes though. Guess I could always download the MP3 straight off YouTube.

Oct 25

This song sums up the 90’s fairly well as far as I’m concerned.

Ignore the fact that for some reason it’s been added to a video from Evil Dead II… the actual music video for the song had embedding disabled (asshat) and this was the best I could get.