Sep 13

Today’s Nealogisms are pulled straight from the headlines.

American ambassador to Libya, Musliminated


The state of having been killed by Muslims for some perceived offense against their religion.


A situation caused by a Christian to deliberately enrage Muslims.

Note that the image used above, according to the latest sources, is of a Libyan bystander trying to remove Christopher Steven’s body from the scene of the attack and take it to a hospital. It is currently being circulated disingenuously with the implication that his body was ‘dragged through the streets’ in order to further inflame the incident. Also note, people are fucking stupid. read more

Aug 11


I had a brief conversation with someone today over IM that went like this:

Phrost: is it trolling if you mostly agree with what you’re posting, but just dial it up 10 notches?
Person: i’d call it quasi-trolling
Phrost: we need to invent a word for it
Phrost: Ogreing?

I’ve take a bit of time today, in between other things I’m working on, to engage in a few “conversations” of this nature over Facebook. I pretty much meant everything I said, but expressed it in a manner that undoubtedly came off as if I’d downed a pot of coffee and had a swarm of bees up my ass. Or in other words, like I just got back from the gym, which was the case. read more

Oct 27

ninjaconThis isn’t technically a “Nealogism” as it’s not mine, but like a wide-eyed orphan child I am adopting it and sending it out into the world for the betterment of society. It actually came from this thread on my politics/society discussion forum. And like the unstated but undeniable goal (though rarely achieved) of raising any child a particular way, I’m defining it for my own purposes.


A Ninjacon is a conservative who may feel it prudent to conceal his or her political views due to their perceived unpopularity with their peers. This term might also describe a self-loathing conservative, or someone who refuses to discuss politics entirely but holds conservative views. read more

Jul 10

I’ve probably coined hundreds of words over the years; most of which were of dubious utility. But some (ok, two) have become commonly used such as “bullshido” and “fucktard”, both coined sometime in the early-mid 90’s. I’m not sure if I should be overly proud of the latter, but I’ll take credit for it nonetheless.

Having forgotten many of these ‘neologisms’ or terms I figured I should use this blog as a repository for them going forward, as they pop into my head. This category will serve as part dictionary, part repository, part shameful reminder as I’ll probably regret having posted many of these as they’ll be of little use and only apply to Internet culture in many cases. read more