Jan 20

Google, baby, I love you; you know I’ll always be faithful to you. I’m just noticing Bing’s… um “features”. That’s right, it’s just a business relationship, nothing more.

Bing will delete all IP address records after 6 months

Bing will delete all IP address records after 6 months

I know you’re not the jealous type, so you won’t mind if she and I spend more time together. We might have to work some lat nights at the office, but you know I’ll be coming home to you at the end of the day.

From Ars Technica.

Jan 18

Google's China HQ

Google's China HQ

Ni Hao, Google?

This post on Webmaster World dealing with the recent shenanigans around Google’s Chinese venture, caught my eye. So I’m reposting it here:

What have we got so far?

Google: PR smokescreens from MV telling the main stream media that they do this for two reasons 1) censorship debate, and 2) hacking attempts on Gmail accounts. Google making https connections the default for Gmail. A revenue of $200M generated in the PRC. They threaten to uncensor the results on google.cn. (I have not seen a credible source that Google already has uncensored their results.) read more

Jun 20

So having just posted the Tesla Coil version of the Super Mario Bros. themesong (below) I went back to do some work on the advertising on my other sites. I’ve been looking into Chitika’s new “Premium Ads” which only show to US search engine traffic and decided to give them a go since the sites are well SEO’d.

Now I’m one of those guys who’s compelled to push every button on a thing just to see what it does. So when I was presented with this screen on the publisher control panel, I clicked both options just to see what would happen even though I was going to make an ad: read more