Jul 12

This is from a speech Robert Heinlein gave in 1973 to the United States Naval Academy.  I’ve picked it up where he gets to the heart of the subject he wanted to impress upon the midshipmen; the fundamentals of morality and why patriotism is a practical matter of survival.

…why would anyone want to become a naval officer?

In the present dismal state of our culture there is little prestige attached to serving your country; recent public opinion polls place military service far down the list. read more

Jul 7

Random thought/dime-store epiphany:

It occurs to me that, above all else – economic, military, ideological, or other forms of control over a society; that the most effective means of controlling large groups of people is to manipulate their expectations for their lives.

If the state, religion, or a private entity, can convince enough people that 2.5 kids, home ownership, a white picket fence, and retirement in Florida, for example is “a life well-lived”; then people who hold this belief are effectively fenced within said white pickets. The same went for the founders of ancient Sparta, the Samurai, or the Viking thanes; they shaped the expectation of thousands of lives within a frame that dictated that glory was to be sought, and on the battlefield. read more

Jan 28

I’d been meaning to use this blog as a repository of comments I’ve made in discussions on various sites, blogs, social media, etc, for a while now. This one’s from Facebook.

In response to the idea that the Department of Defense, and the Department of Education should switch budgets:

Schools need to be a lot harder. Not everyone should graduate from high school, let alone go to college. It’s the dumbing down of the standards that’s hurting the country, not the lack of money. read more

Oct 6

Guess it’s not a surprise on some issues; I might actually have to pick up this book.

In other news Jon Stewart is uncharacteristically out of his depth and does a crappy job with this interview.

The reason I say “we think alike” is because it was just the other day that I made a post on the JREF’s forums saying a similar thing. We need to come to a consensus on what constitutes a workable sense of morality that’s stripped of all vestiges of religious nonsense. For example: if you strip the religion out of the Ten Commandments, you get: read more

Oct 4

This one, in response to the ever popular “women drivers suck” status post on a friend’s wall.

Although it’s also been demonstrated that, due to thousands of years of males being predominately hunters, we’re better at spacial recognition, judgement of distance, and anticipating others’ course corrections; all skills which are essential to good driving.

Women, however, are superior at distinguishing colors and patterns, which were skills that allowed them to discern which fruits and berries were good and which were deadly. Apparently women are able to perceive more shades of red than men as well. read more

Jul 23

…for some people, is both disturbing and depressing.

Jul 12

Stumbling around the net this morning, I came across this:

UNCW prof vows to destroy atheist student groups: “I seek power over the godless heathen dissident”
Cory Doctorow at 10:07 PM Sun

A Supreme Court decision forced a California state university Christian society to accept gays as members as a condition of receiving support from the school (“Other groups may exclude or mistreat Jews, blacks, and women — or those who do not share their contempt for Jews, blacks, and women. A free society must tolerate such groups. It need not subsidize them, give them its official imprimatur, or grant them equal access to law school facilities.”). read more

Oct 2

kanye west and the douche posse

Is it bad that I occasionally catch myself daydreaming about punching Kanye West in the douchegoggles*?

It’s not that I have anything specific against the guy, hell, I don’t know him any more than most people know any “celebrities”. And I fully realize how stupid it is to spend any brain cycles thinking about the guy in the first place. But it’s obvious by his antics that he’s a spoiled manchild**.

The twit acts like a full-grown toddler; “infantile megalomania”, I believe is the appropriate term. Kanye West is the spoiled brat running through the grocery store intentionally knocking things off the shelves because they were out of Super Sugar Fruity Crack Flakes. And just like how I find myself shoving my hands into my pockets to be extra double sure that they don’t fly out on their own and give a brat like that a righteous spanking, I get a similar precautionary twitch when it comes to grown-ups who act like spoiled children. read more

Aug 18

oozieIt is incredibly difficult to sit down and compose a coherent post on little more than half a cup of coffee and sheer willpower. And the latter seems to be much more effective than the former.

“Social justice” is a phrase that I’ve seen popping up a lot in the past few days, usually related to left/liberalism and especially within the context of health care. Come to think of it, the guy in my last blog post used the phrase as a part of his denunciation of liberal politics. read more

Jul 30

random cluster of pseudocelebrities

Maybe it’s just me, but as time goes by I notice more people on Facebook befriending celebrities; not their fan pages, the actual celebrities.

One of the things I prefer about Facebook over MySpace has always been the low signal-to-noise ratio (also the completely lack of glitter, spam, and profiles so wide they’d require a Jumbotron to display without a scroll bar).

The reason for this is simple: people are more selective about who they befriend. Granted, everyone has those friends that they’ve added simply because 20 of their other friends have and they keep showing up as “People you may know”. If you don’t add them, you’re pretty much an asshole, even if you only have a shaky connection to the person at best. read more

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