Sep 13

Came across this via StumbleUpon and wanted to archive it. Here is the original link. The author is Margaret Mason.

Glenorchy, Scotland - Home of the Fletcher Clan

Ancient Fletchers

One of the most magnificent of the many lovely Highland glens is undoubtedly Glenorchy, whence the Fletcher Clan is said to have originated. The Fletchers claim descent from Kenneth MacAlpin, the first king of the united Picts and Scots, and ancestor of our present Royal family. The Fletchers were the first to ‘raise smoke and boil water’ on the Braes of Glenorchy (Is e Clannan-Leisdeir a thog a cheud smuid thug goil air uisge an Urcha). The patronymic of the Clan was Mac-an-leistear, and prior to 1700 was written in documents as ‘MacInleister’. When surnames came to be used, in about 1745, the name was anglicised as Fletcher – the equivalent of the Gaelic ‘Leisdear’, man of the arrow. The first person to use the English ‘Fletcher’ seems to have been Archibald the VIIIth Chief. Their badge is the pine-tree, and their tartan is an arrangement of blue, black and green, with diagonal lines of red. Their crest is two arms drawing a bow, as depicted on the cover. read more

Mar 16

If you’re an out-of-work construction guy picketing the the big corporate developer for unfairly hiring workers from another state instead of you and your crew; it’s probably not a good idea to be lazily standing around, leaning on your picket signs to such an extent that nobody can even read them.

Just sayin’…

Jan 29

Yeek Yeek, Whoop Whoop...

Yeek Yeek, Whoop Whoop...

To be honest, I don’t really have a fleshed-out idea for this blog post; I just wanted to get this phrase down on “paper” since it sounded good in my head.

It wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a genuine sounding diatribe centered around how humanity seems to be adding more technological buffers between genuine human interaction, but it wouldn’t be sincere. I actually appreciate the fact that I can have asynchronous conversations with dozens of people around the world; that I can close my netbook and go do “real world stuff” and a message or two is waiting on me, and the conversation continues. read more

Oct 30

MS Paint by SA Forums Goon "Onic".

Sep 16


Did I miss a memo on this? Was there some conference held recently that I failed to attend where they held a session on how it was now cool to wear black socks and gym shorts?

I’ve seen this more and more over the past few months, especially at 24 Hour Fatness where I work out.

Why do I have a problem with this? Well damnit, on some level I aspired to be the crotchety old guy mowing his yard in black socks and shorts. How the hell am I supposed to differentiate myself from the young punks all concerned about chasing what’s fashionable if what’s fashionable beats down my door like a no-knock SWAT raid? read more

Sep 10

Aug 13

Aug 4

jesus in a cup of coffee

I generally consider myself to be a fairly easy-going guy. I’m about as high-strung as an unsprung bungee cord; rated to handle even the heaviest loads without snapping. And in my line of “work” this is undoubtedly an excellent trait to posses. Sometimes though, I do get into situations where the load rating is beyond the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

I paid a shitty latte’s worth of rent on a booth with an outlet nearby at a local chain coffee shop. The wifi here sucks more than a roomba programmed by Cyberdine, with the latte itself running a close second. Still, I figure, it’s a fair trade for the illusion of ambiance and a clear head to crank out some words. Too bad that wasn’t to be. read more

Jul 21

Sometimes I hate my generation…

Oct 29

It’s a two for one today.

Has anyone noticed how the Xbox logo looks like some kind of space avocado?

Also, it occurred to me that in all my time on the Internet, using this handle, nobody’s ever tried to use “dephrost” as a burn. Not that it’s a good one, but considering the overall lack of quality on the Internet in general (just read a few YouTube comments if you don’t see what I mean), I just would have expected it by now.

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