Ewoks and Fuzzy Childhood Memories

Ok, so I’m not so much of a nerd that I’m going to piss and moan about George Lucas raping my childhood with Greedo shooting first and the rest of the crap he did when he screwed around with the original versions of the Star Wars films.

But I always did like the Ewok song at the end of Return of the Jedi. As a kid I thought it was catchy and it was kind of nifty how the end blended whatever the hell the Ewoks were singing, with English, although I was never quite sure what they were saying. I was mildly miffed that they replaced it with corny instrumentals for the “remastered” version. (Ok, the dumb-looking circular explosion effect when the Death Star went down was irritating too.)

So my assumption for the past 20 years or so was that the last line was “time to break the laaaaaaawww…” (queue Star Wars theme).

I never really got why after defeating the Emperor and restoring freedom to the galaxy it would be time to break the law, but hey, I was a kid and I wasn’t putting too much thought into it.

Still though, it didn’t seem very “Jedi”.

But this morning a co-worker of mine sent me a link to the lyrics to the actual song. They actually had lyrics to this thing?

Turns out, not only did they have lyrics, but there was a translation.

Here’s the song, and here’s the lyrics:

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub,

Freedom, we got freedom,

toe meet toe pee chee keene, g’noop dock fling oh ah.

and now that we can be free, c’mon and celebrate.

Yah wah, eee chop yah wah,

Power, we got power

toe meet toe pee chee keene, g’noop dock fling oh ah

and now that we can be free, c’mon and celebrate.

Coat ee chah tu yub nub,

Celebrate the freedom

Coat ee chah tu yah wah,

Celebrate the power

Coat ee chah tu glo wah.

Celebrate the glory.

allay loo ta nuv

celebrate the love

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah, ya glo wah pee chu nee foam,

Power, we got power, and now that we can be free,

ah toot dee awe goon daa.

it’s time to celebrate.

Coat ee cha tu goo (Yub nub!)

Celebrate the light (Freedom!)

coat ee cha tu doo (Yah wah!)

celebrate the might (Power!)

coat ee cha tu too (ya chaa!)

celebrate the fight (Glory!)

allay loo tu nuv (3 times)

celebrate the love

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah.

Glory, we found glory

Ya glow wah pee chu nee foam,

The power showed us the light

ah toot dee awe goon daa

and now we all live free

allay loo tu nuv.

celebrate the love.

“Celebrate the Love”? Meh, that’s just awful. I guess George Lucas really did take a steaming crap on my childhood. THANKS GEORGE.

P.S. Han did shoot first, don’t be such a fucking hippie.

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