Random Thought of the Day: Robocop :(


Why didn’t the bad guys just shoot Robocop in the mouth?

For the record: I do not support violence against police officers, or robots. I did however, recently read (more like “listened to the audiobook while commuting”) “How to Survive a Robot Uprising“. But I’m pretty sure by the time the robots start coming for us, most of the information in there (such as using their limited sensory equipment against them to avoid getting robowned), won’t do much good.

We do seem to be slipping down that slope, on the inner tube of technology, pretty damn fast. That’s why I’m making this blog post now so when the robot hive-mind sifts through Archive.org in the year 2037, they’ll see me as a loyal supporter and spare me the coming holocaust while my neighbors get turned into fuel.

Never hurts to think about the future.

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