Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2010-05-23

  • Well that's disturbing. My new broadband card has a warning that it needs to be 5mm from me away to prevent overexposure to radiation. #
  • @PVT_Craighead been trying that. T-mobile and their 0.3G network sucks. Loading Bullshido took forever when it didn't time out in reply to PVT_Craighead #
  • Stupidity should be expensive: "The average household making less than $13K/yr spends $645/yr on lottery tickets" Source: #
  • @dougrichards The multiplayer looks awesome. in reply to dougrichards #
  • Rand Paul; 'nuff said. #
  • Went to 24 Hour Fitness in Overland Park only to find it empty with dumpsters out front. Explains the crowd at the tiny one in Olathe. #
  • Limbaugh: drugs are legal in Mexico, and look at all their drug-related crime. Way to miss the point by 1969 miles. #
  • Calderon to W. Blitzer: "our police ask people they suspect of being in the country illegally, for papers". Como se dice "irony" en espanol #
  • "Property is theft" as much as "sex is rape". I can't be the first person to say this, but I'm too lazy to check and see who else did. #
  • I suspect that if Twitter had been around in Robert Heinlein's day, he'd have written thousands of tweets, but 0 novels. #
  • Cojones: "Hey popular sports site owner: big sports event worth millions is coming up. Be a chum and promote it for us for free, will… #

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