Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2010-06-20

  • 600+ calories in a Hardees loaded omelette biscuit. Holy crap! I bought 2, but fortunately only ate one before I checked. #
  • The blog is the modern version of the revolutionary's pamphlet. Not a new insight, but with grumblings of a "journalism license", important #
  • Having an exchange on Linked In with the founder of the "Center for Aggression Management". Should be interesting. #FB #
  • @luisespinal I'm trying to get down to 170. About 5 lbs to go, and it's all fat. Maybe if I ate that biscuit in 3 servings it'd be ok. in reply to luisespinal #
  • The quote system on Fark sucks. Seriously, is it that hard to implement blockquote tags so as to make the content more readable? #
  • Rough translation of Remi Gaillard's motto from the French: "By doing nothing, you become a nobody". Agreed. #

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