Apparently Sam Harris and I think Alike

Guess it’s not a surprise on some issues; I might actually have to pick up this book.

In other news Jon Stewart is uncharacteristically out of his depth and does a crappy job with this interview.

The reason I say “we think alike” is because it was just the other day that I made a post on the JREF’s forums saying a similar thing. We need to come to a consensus on what constitutes a workable sense of morality that’s stripped of all vestiges of religious nonsense. For example: if you strip the religion out of the Ten Commandments, you get:

  • #5: Respect your parents
  • #6: Don’t murder people
  • #7: Don’t cheat on a monogamous relationship
  • #8: Don’t steal
  • #9: Don’t spread lies about other people
  • #10: Don’t be jealous of the success of others

Which seems to be a good start… we could probably clean them up or tweak things a bit, but these are core morals I think that most people could agree on.

If we ever manage to do this effectively, secular-minded people will be a much more effective voting block instead of how we are now, spread out over liberal and libertarian ideologies. This will make it much more effective to counter the faith-based nonsense through the Democratic process, ultimately letting us move forward as a society.

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