Aug 26

This is something that was brought to my attention, in passing, as a subject of discussion on Bullshido.

To preface this, Kyle Maynard probably doesn’t describe himself as a hero. And for what he’s accomplished, Kyle Maynard could even be considered somewhat badass.

Here’s what I posted, slightly adjusted for audience.

There’s two sides to this story for any logical, rational person:

1. Guy with a ton of physical handicaps busts his ass to be good at something. Cool!

2. Guy with a ton of physical handicaps that prevent him from fully participating in a sport feels he’s owed the right to exploit the rules, drag down the sport (literally and figuratively), and get a disproportionately large pat on the back for not just resigning himself to being a punchline for jokes that end with “Phil”, and “Matt”. Not Cool. read more