Dec 4

James Madison: author of the second amendment

This was taken from a forum post of mine.

As a die-hard skeptic up until the point of borderline militancy (tempered by common sense and the benefit of life experience), I’ve progressively grown more concerned with a phenomenon within the skeptics “community” with regards to how Government is perceived.

Now, you’d figure that skepticism, critical thinking, and reasonable doubt would be the predominate stances involving all aspects of one’s life; especially when it comes to the intentions of an organization which has a direct effect on your life and the lives of everyone around you. read more

May 20


Why didn’t the bad guys just shoot Robocop in the mouth?

For the record: I do not support violence against police officers, or robots. I did however, recently read (more like “listened to the audiobook while commuting”) “How to Survive a Robot Uprising“. But I’m pretty sure by the time the robots start coming for us, most of the information in there (such as using their limited sensory equipment against them to avoid getting robowned), won’t do much good. read more

May 1

cartoon making fun of anti-gun loonies

Posted by Bullshido Forums Bully “Chemistry” in this thread:

So we are now a weapons free campus…

Aug 11

Or is this design pretty lame? Not talking about my head there, that’s awesome. But the overall theme is just a little too “Macintosh” for me I guess.

I don’t consider myself to be a member of the “iGeneration”, even though I’ve got an iPod. I’ve never danced in silhouette while wearing it though.

I’m a fairly independent person, so I guess I should dig the whole “i” thing (as opposed to the “you” thing). An iPod means iDon’t-have-to-acknowledge-you when i’Mwearing-it-in-public. It means i’M-minding-my-own-business-and-you-should-too. I’m a big fan of that read more