Jun 15

Especially when your jujitsu coach is on Facebook:


May 19

A few weeks back I did a short interview with the guy from the BJJ blog “Punch Kick Choke”. Here’s the first question and you can follow the link at the end to read the rest of it.

So, Mr. Fletcher- your name strikes fear into the hearts of ninjas everywhere and makes grown LARPers cry in shame. Tell us a little about the man they call “Phrost.”

Well for starters “Phrost” just a username I’ve had for about 10+ years now and at this point I’m kind of stuck with it. I tried to change a while back but the people on Bullshido vetoed the idea. read more

Mar 3

guillotine choke slam

Aug 26

This is something that was brought to my attention, in passing, as a subject of discussion on Bullshido.

To preface this, Kyle Maynard probably doesn’t describe himself as a hero. And for what he’s accomplished, Kyle Maynard could even be considered somewhat badass.

Here’s what I posted, slightly adjusted for audience.

There’s two sides to this story for any logical, rational person:

1. Guy with a ton of physical handicaps busts his ass to be good at something. Cool!

2. Guy with a ton of physical handicaps that prevent him from fully participating in a sport feels he’s owed the right to exploit the rules, drag down the sport (literally and figuratively), and get a disproportionately large pat on the back for not just resigning himself to being a punchline for jokes that end with “Phil”, and “Matt”. Not Cool. read more