Apr 22

So Prince is dead. And with the current media-driven hysteria being the boogeyman (boogeypersons?) of transgenders in bathrooms, the overlap and juxtaposition this, and of people mourning his loss, creates a sort of absurd, but beautiful music.



Apr 28

The video’s a bit (a lot) too “generic preachy suburbanite white indignation” for my tastes, but the song is awesome. Maybe it says something about me that when I first heard it, I took it more as a message of empowerment than, as the video seems to imply, the fact that some people seem to have too much power. But screw it, if I listened to music on the terms of the artist I’d have very little left to actually enjoy.

Although Kanye West is still a simpering douchebag.

Anyway, here’s the song: “No Handlebars” by Flobots.

Oct 25

This song sums up the 90’s fairly well as far as I’m concerned.

Ignore the fact that for some reason it’s been added to a video from Evil Dead II… the actual music video for the song had embedding disabled (asshat) and this was the best I could get.