Sep 12


You know, if the President just came right out and said “yeah, that stuff about chemical weapons and humanitarian aid was all BS; we’re interested in deposing Assad in order to ensure Russia doesn’t have a monopoly on oil sales to Europe”, I’m pretty sure the American people wouldn’t be as quick to roll their eyes at this whole ‪#‎Syria‬ thing.

But given the last 10 years, I don’t think anyone’s buying the narrative that America is a real-life Justice League, and with more and more people turning to the Internet instead of traditional outlets for their information, treating the public like a bunch of kids sitting around a TV on Saturday morning isn’t going to be an option much longer. read more

Sep 5

I usually sit here and have Napster running in the background, playing random tracks while I write crap. It’s got this cool quick playlist thing that lets you add all songs from an album with a single click and is pretty useful as a digital jukebox.

Anyway, I load it up and notice one of the featured artists is Ice Cube, who I guess has a new album out or something. I click that, it adds it to my playlist.

After a few seconds I’m not really into it and notice the swanky icons for Presidential playlists with Obama and McCain, songs from their campaign and personal favorites. Obviously I click the McCain one and go back to posting. It ran through some very middle-of-the road crap including the Beach Boys, Sinatra, and Neil Diamond. Whatever, I’m ok with them. read more