Jul 25

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Jun 18

I wanted to repost this here because I just came across it going through old Bullshido content and it’s fairly personal (thus relevant to my exercise in Internet Narcissism otherwise known as “blogging”.) It’s just a snippet and you can read the rest at the link below:

I haven’t always been a Skeptic, nor have I always been pro-science. Being a bored, introspective youth of 15 with above-average intelligence and stuck in a small hick town, I myself started studying the paranormal/supernatural. My mom worked two jobs, and I pretty much raised myself, so I didn’t have anyone to call bullshit on my newly forming beliefs. And the fact that I seemed to be smarter than everyone I was around only fed my teenage ego to the point where I started assuming I knew better than everyone else, including Science. read more

Sep 16

The more I encounter the term “Truth”, the more I realize it’s used mostly by people who are allergic to the word “Fact”.