Jul 25
  • I hate this Mac mouse. You have to have a deathgrip on it to right click, and half of the time the trackball doesn't move a webpage. #
  • Where the hell is the volume/mute button on Mac OS? Argg… nevermind, found it. #
Jul 18
  • DeviantArt.com annoys the crap out of me. Simple search for "Facebook icon" returns mostly Naruto drawings and pics of some fat goth chick. #
  • Who is this #Trance person calling himself "Phrost? I've probably been using this handle since you were in diapers. http://ow.ly/2byyT #
Jul 11
  • At least 50% of political blog posts seem to be about how someone on the other "side" is complaining about something their "side" did too. #
Jul 4
  • I'm convinced we're sliding towards a global monoculture. If we don't destroy ourselves in the next 1000 years, humanity will be boring. #
Jul 4
  • I'm convinced we're sliding towards a global monoculture. If we don't destroy ourselves in the next 1000 years, humanity will be boring. #
Jun 27
  • Apparently Cuban pizza is a thing. Huh, who knew? Not bad either. #
Jun 20

  • 600+ calories in a Hardees loaded omelette biscuit. Holy crap! I bought 2, but fortunately only ate one before I checked. #
  • The blog is the modern version of the revolutionary's pamphlet. Not a new insight, but with grumblings of a "journalism license", important #
  • Having an exchange on Linked In with the founder of the "Center for Aggression Management". Should be interesting. #FB #
  • @luisespinal I'm trying to get down to 170. About 5 lbs to go, and it's all fat. Maybe if I ate that biscuit in 3 servings it'd be ok. in reply to luisespinal #
  • The quote system on Fark sucks. Seriously, is it that hard to implement blockquote tags so as to make the content more readable? #
  • Rough translation of Remi Gaillard's motto from the French: "By doing nothing, you become a nobody". Agreed. #
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    Jun 13
    • Apparently the handle I've used for about 12 years now is popular with both the Trance and Rap scenes. Oh well, I own Phrost.com anyway. #FB #
    • @luisespinal Maybe. I'll sell it for $1M if anyone on Twitter is listening. in reply to luisespinal #
    • Man, I really hope that it isn't eventually discovered that Splenda causes cancer. Because if so, I'll definitely have full-body cancer. #
    Jun 6

  • Good: Sprint launched 4G (WiMax) here in KC. Bad: either the Sprint client, card, connection, or all of the above suck and it doesn't work. #
  • Yeah, this is now genuinely pissing me off. Not only does the #Sprint "Smart View" client fail to connect, now my laptop won't shut down. #
  • Al Gore kicks Tipper to the curb; karma for the PMRC. #
  • Yeah, it's official. The Sprint 3G/4G service here sucks. The "SmartView" client crashes Vista, and the coverage is pathetic. Refund time #
  • Dumped Sprint's 3G/4G service like a whiny girlfriend. Manager at the #Sprint store copped attitude about their buggy connection software #
  • I think we're being attacked by the Japanese. The air raid sirens have been going off in Lenexa for about 20 minutes. #
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    May 30
    • Who needs a microwave when the exhaust from your laptop can melt the cheese on a sandwich within a few minutes? #
    • ♫ C is for Coffee, that's good enough for me ♫ #

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