May 28

Star Agent, Grade Zero, B’ama sat at the hidden terminal in his office, ready to write his final report back to galactic headquarters. The interface hummed as his fingers entered the type-field and he smiled to himself –he’d really done it, the toughest mission of his soon-to-be-legendary career.

You magnificent bastard, he thought. I’ll bet they give you your own moon after this.

Only a few hours left before could leave this primitive backwater and return to civilization. Might as well get to it: read more

May 24

Let’s not kid ourselves: Donald Trump is the President Americans deserve.

Americans can name more Kardashians than Supreme Court justices.

Americans know the win/loss stats of their NFL team, but not their Congressman’s voting record.

Americans sing “…and the home of the brave” while handing over their liberties every time a tragedy happens, so they can feel safe.

Americans expressed more outrage over the loss of Twinkies than the loss of the Fourth Amendment; Americans don’t know what the Fourth Amendment is, but know everything that happened on the fourth season of The Apprentice. read more

May 21

If “Christians” really wanted to prevent abortions, they’d encourage the use of birth control and condoms; things proven effective in reducing abortions, unlike “abstinence-only” education.

But that’s the key, it’s not about abortion, it’s about punishing women for having sex and controlling women’s agency as individuals; the moral equivalent of making them wear a burka

May 20


Apr 22

So Prince is dead. And with the current media-driven hysteria being the boogeyman (boogeypersons?) of transgenders in bathrooms, the overlap and juxtaposition this, and of people mourning his loss, creates a sort of absurd, but beautiful music.


Dec 25


When my daughter was four, she flat-out asked if Santa was made up. And of course, being me, I told her the truth.

We all know the basic arguments both for and against teaching your child to believe in a morbidly obese chimney burglar from the Arctic. Each boils down to whether or not you feel Belief itself is a good thing. And I’ve always tended to side with the rational over the irrational.

But then I ran into this piece of dialogue in a book by Terry Pratchett, that makes a solid case for teaching your child to believe in St. Nick, or in the world he was writing about, the “Hogfather”. The voice in all caps, belongs to Death himself: read more

Dec 7


Emotions are like bare asses: some people may appreciate seeing yours, everyone else is going to be uncomfortable.

That said, I’m genuinely happy right now.

Dec 6


Lots of calls for more gun control this week. I find it all bitterly hilarious given what’s behind it all.

The root of the argument against armed citizens is the cynical view that the balance of people are bad, untrustworthy with liberty, and that the good, trustworthy people are working for the government.

What is the magical force that turns a man unerringly good when he seeks to attain authority over his fellow citizens? Obviously no one has ever abused their power to steal from the public  or kill out of anger  or betray the Bill of Rights and use an  illegal spying apparatus for personal gratification. read more

Nov 21


On moving to Austin, my girlfriend gave me a warning: “This town is like Neverland”, she said, “full of pixies and Lost Boys who never want to grow up”.

At the time I thought that was pithy, even cute. But after being here for almost a year and having my own adventures, I know what she said was both completely accurate, and depressingly cynical.

This town does attract a certain kind of person. And while some squander their youth –content to do little more than bundle themselves in a particular aesthetic– a brave few stand bare-assed against the elements, offering up the most intimate parts of themselves to a world that seems determined to make them pay dearly for the privilege. read more

Nov 3

26 Apr 2002, New York, New York, USA --- A weightlifter prepares to lift a barbell during the 2002 USA National Weightlifting Championship. --- Image by © Duomo/CORBIS

The only reason to pursue Strength is so that you can practice Kindness. A strong person has a greater capacity for being kind: providing for those they love, standing up to injustice, protecting those who are weaker.

Pursuing strength for any other reason leads to vanity, at best, and cruelty, at worst.

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