Not much to see here; since this is mainly just a vanity blog, I only update this thing once every few months whenever I remember it exists. Any substance ‘about’ me (or lack thereof) is in the words on the rest of the blog or on Bullshido where I do most of my work.

Instead, here’s a humorous picture of me getting punched in the head:


Phrost on Social Media

Phrost on Twitter To be frank, I rarely tweet for my own personal use. Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but if I’ve only got 140 characters worth of thought, I probably shouldn’t be sharing it with the rest of the world.

Feel free to subscribe, but I only accept friend requests from people I know personally. I don’t get people who have 5000 “friends”. Fortunately, they implemented the option to subscribe to public feeds, and their knock-off of Google Plus’s “Circles” system. Speaking of which…

Phrost's Google+ Profile Ye olde Google Plus profile, verily.


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