Fill of Sophi

What good is the study of philosophy if any conclusions or ideas that come of it never reach the minds of the masses? Sure, things trickle-down and diffuse through the memescape or zeitgeist or other $2 word to describes the cloud of culture that loosely

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Star Agent, Grade Zero, B’ama sat at the hidden terminal in his office, ready to write his final report back to galactic headquarters. The interface hummed as his fingers entered the type-field and he smiled to himself –he’d really done it, the toughest mission of

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Not the Hero We Need

Let’s not kid ourselves: Donald Trump is the President Americans deserve. Americans can name more Kardashians than Supreme Court justices. Americans know the win/loss stats of their NFL team, but not their Congressman’s voting record. Americans sing “…and the home of the brave” while handing

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Birth / Control

If “Christians” really wanted to prevent abortions, they’d encourage the use of birth control and condoms; things proven effective in reducing abortions, unlike “abstinence-only” education. But that’s the key, it’s not about abortion, it’s about punishing women for having sex and controlling women’s agency as

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