Tuesday Training Log: Conditioning Softer than Pantene


Events conspired to keep me out of training both jits and conditioning yesterday so I doubled up on the latter today.

Afternoon session:

4 Minutes of Tabata on the rowing machine. Bluetooth headset crapped out 3 minutes in, so I had to set my phone on the damn neck of the bench and watch the timer out of the corner of my eye.

To the tune of some shitty top 40 song I twiddled my thumbs waiting for either the squat rack or the power cage since for the first time in a year they were both occupied at the same time. And lo and behold, people were more or less using them for their intended purposes *gasp*.

The overweight broskis bailed on the cage first so I wandered in there and banged out a set of 5 squats at 225, another at 315, and then did 20 reps of lying extensions with a 45lb barbell as perscribed by the Super Squats people.

Then I lugged through the 20 squats at 205. 12 in was ok, as I approached 15 my core started feeling wobbly. Gutted through (literally) the last 5 and felt woozy. BP was up. I wanted to get in some core work but after one set of leg lifts I wasn’t feeling so good so I headed home. A bit dizzy, actually. Wonder if it was from the blood pressure increase due to doing the Tabata at the begining, followed by high reps of a decent weight for squats.

Went home, showered, and then turned around and went to AJJ and beat on the banana bag. Caught the last 6, 3 minute rounds of Bas’s All-Around-Fighting, then did some crunches and bounced the medicine ball off the cage for a while, and swiped the Bas boxing CD and did 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

Then I came home and typed this.

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