Apr 25
  • Got an email titled "I'm prepared to fight". Thought "great, more Bullshido drama; someone else hates us". Nope, was politispam from McCain #
  • Imagine if the #TED community decided to get involved in politics as an actual independent party. The TED Party vs. the TEA Party… #
  • @luisespinal I'm pretty sure I could take John McCain in a fight. Of course, against him in his prime, that'd be a different story. in reply to luisespinal #

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Apr 18
  • I don't get why there are still Army personnel who smoke. I quit cigars when I signed back up. I guess if you can do it and still PT… #
  • Leaving a sports drink mix in your CamelBak for a week is a great idea if you want your garage to smell like the third horseman, Pestilence. #