ninjaconThis isn’t technically a “Nealogism” as it’s not mine, but like a wide-eyed orphan child I am adopting it and sending it out into the world for the betterment of society. It actually came from this thread on my politics/society discussion forum. And like the unstated but undeniable goal (though rarely achieved) of raising any child a particular way, I’m defining it for my own purposes.


A Ninjacon is a conservative who may feel it prudent to conceal his or her political views due to their perceived unpopularity with their peers. This term might also describe a self-loathing conservative, or someone who refuses to discuss politics entirely but holds conservative views.

Situations in which being a ninjacon might be convenient or socially expedient include:

  • College, whether as a student or staff
  • Participating in volunteer work
  • Hanging out with 20-somethings and/or frou-frou socialites
  • Shopping at Trader Joe’s
  • A predominately female or minority (excluding Asian or upper-class Hispanic) workplace or social gathering.
  • a bar mitzvah
  • Yoga classes
  • Prison
  • Anywhere in the Bay Area, California

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