May 13

Wearing a hat doesn't make up for lacking a personality.

Oct 4


I know, even more irony, eh?

Photo from my tablet, of my netbook.

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Sep 29

I finally nailed down why I prefer Netbooks to Tablets, and why I am not a fan of tablets in general. Tablets are, for the most part, devices for media consumption; whereas netbooks are better at media creation.

I couldn’t see myself working on a novel on a tablet, short of rigging up an external keyboard. And if you’re going to do that, why not just get a damn netbook in the first place?

Sure, you could browse a forum or other social media site on your tablet, but trying to type a meaningful post onto it with your thumbs would be an exercise in patience and a large waste of time. read more

Oct 2

I always wanted one of these as a kid; mainly because I hated math. But by the time I joined the Army and moved out on my own, it wasn’t exactly something I wanted to spend my own money on. Especially since they weren’t exactly in style.

Now that I’m a bit older, I could give less than a rat’s backside as to what’s fashionable. Ironically, these do seem to be in with the girl-jean wearing, PBR-drinking hipster crowd. Apparently it’s some sort of throwback to the 80’s, like the louvered glasses, striped shirts, and Magnum P.I. moustaches.

Of course, had it not been on clearance…  I sure as hell wouldn’t have paid the full $45 original price.  I doubt only the most insincere trust fund-baby hipster would either, unless somehow they were “ironically” spending their parents’ money or something. read more