Apr 22

So Prince is dead. And with the current media-driven hysteria being the boogeyman (boogeypersons?) of transgenders in bathrooms, the overlap and juxtaposition this, and of people mourning his loss, creates a sort of absurd, but beautiful music.


May 11

It’s not the first time this has happened, but it’s definitely the most ironic. A few years ago, in a fit of frustration at stupid crap being posted on Facebook, I created the following image, from clip art I found on Google images:

if you need the threat of eternal torture in order to be a good person, you're not a good person

Today, I find the thing popping up in my news feed, with 30k shares including the one that brought it to my attention, off a Facebook page about paganism. The image quality was so degraded that they apparently didn’t notice the fake URL at the bottom, which reads: read more

Jun 15

McDonalds in the Future

Seriously, people. Your watermarks are bad and you should feel bad.

Jul 2

The true source of text-image memes

Jul 1

Thanks to FLX from the SA Forums for this info.

Joining Google+ (as of July 1st)

Receive an invitation e-mail from someone who likes you.

Open the e-mail an click the red “Learn more about Google+” button:
learn more about Google+

You will most probably be directed to this site:
Google+ Landing Page

WAIT FOR SOME TIME AND CHECK THE SITE AGAIN UNTIL IT ASKS YOU FOR YOU PROFILE INFORMATION (it took about an hour in my case until a new page appeared instead of the “over capacity … check back soon” page)

Inviting People to Google+

At the top of your Google+ stream there is a “share” textbox. Enter your message to the lucky invitee and enter his/her e-mail address below: read more

Nov 18

I know Failbook, and the rest of the “Cheez Burger Network”, is the taint of the Internet. But this is damn funny nonetheless.

Oct 6

Occasionally, when I’m not trolling people on my friends list (and people on my friends’ friends lists), there’s a decent conversation. So I wanted to see about archiving these conversations, otherwise they’d get lost in the stream. If this turns into a big pain in the ass, I probably won’t do it. So far though, it’s only a few key strokes and mouse flicks to anonymize the participants; I’m not going to assume by default that they’d be happy with me posting their real names/etc. read more

Aug 13

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Jul 25
  • I hate this Mac mouse. You have to have a deathgrip on it to right click, and half of the time the trackball doesn't move a webpage. #
  • Where the hell is the volume/mute button on Mac OS? Argg… nevermind, found it. #
Jul 18
  • DeviantArt.com annoys the crap out of me. Simple search for "Facebook icon" returns mostly Naruto drawings and pics of some fat goth chick. #
  • Who is this #Trance person calling himself "Phrost? I've probably been using this handle since you were in diapers. http://ow.ly/2byyT #

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