How to Invite Someone to Google Plus

Thanks to FLX from the SA Forums for this info.

Joining Google+ (as of July 1st)

Receive an invitation e-mail from someone who likes you.

Open the e-mail an click the red “Learn more about Google+” button:
learn more about Google+

You will most probably be directed to this site:
Google+ Landing Page

WAIT FOR SOME TIME AND CHECK THE SITE AGAIN UNTIL IT ASKS YOU FOR YOU PROFILE INFORMATION (it took about an hour in my case until a new page appeared instead of the “over capacity … check back soon” page)

Inviting People to Google+

At the top of your Google+ stream there is a “share” textbox. Enter your message to the lucky invitee and enter his/her e-mail address below:

Inviting People to Google+ Example

Click on the e-mail suggestion :downs: and click share:

Sharing on Google+

That’s it. Enjoy waving…uhm, plussing!

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