“That Guy” Episode: Pontiac Excitement (No Wonder the Brand is Dead)


Dear Gentleman Driving Gray Grand Prix,

Perhaps you could explain how you can get upset at me when you’re the one who blew through the stop sign and nearly t-boned my car? Do you realize that when both of our windows are up because it’s 20 degrees outside, yelling and waving your arms isn’t a very effective means of communication? This is why after a few seconds of you doing it, I responded by making a gesture representing the act of fellatio.

Additionally, it’s probably not a good idea to get out of your car and walk around chest-thumping like you’re going to do something when the other guy happens to be wearing wrestling shoes, a cup, and gloves because he just left the gym where he was deadlifting two of you.

Fortunately for and unlike you, I am a grown-up and my pride isn’t so easily wounded as to compel me to regain it by acting like a tough guy, let alone risking a criminal conviction and an ass beating.


Guy in Red Mazdaspeed 6

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