Is it Just Me? The iGeneration

Or is this design pretty lame? Not talking about my head there, that’s awesome. But the overall theme is just a little too “Macintosh” for me I guess.

I don’t consider myself to be a member of the “iGeneration”, even though I’ve got an iPod. I’ve never danced in silhouette while wearing it though.

I’m a fairly independent person, so I guess I should dig the whole “i” thing (as opposed to the “you” thing). An iPod means iDon’t-have-to-acknowledge-you when i’Mwearing-it-in-public. It means i’M-minding-my-own-business-and-you-should-too. I’m a big fan of that

Anyway. I’m going to go shoot my new iGun today. At least, it’s about as close to an iGun as would be if those hippies at Apple ever decided to get into the firearms industry. “Kill Different” has a nice ring to it.

my iGun... Kel-Tec PF-9Shown here with tactical torch for lulz.

Might get video of shooting it, as requested by someone on my forums. Will see how that goes. Need to run to WalMart to get cheap ammo first though.

You know, the concept of an iGun isn’t all that crazy if you think about it. They could put an MP3 player in your gun and make a set of headphones that double as hearing protection and maybe some built in “Shoot to the Music” games so you can rock out and enjoy your second amendment rights at the same time.

Heck, if it weren’t for brandishing laws, you’d even be able to take it with you on the subway or bus to work if you’re in an urban area not controlled by politicians who think you’re too stupid to be responsible with your own protection.

iGun… yeah, I like that.

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