Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2009-08-30

  • just tore-ass down Memory Lane in a souped-up Fuckyoumobile #
  • Was standing right next to Guy Mezger and didn't even recognize him. Also, apparently nobody else here at the M-1 event likes ties either. #
  • …except Ian Freeman who just walked by. #
  • So Ian just pulled Mark Kerr aside to get an autograph (for a friend). Kerr's a huge dude but I pictured him being bigger. #
  • Oh hell, if I'd known I was going to be on live international TV tonight I would have shaved the beard. #
  • @Bullshido sitting here ringside at M-1. Fedor and Mousasi are about to do their exhibition fight. #
  • @Bullshido. Mousasi is wearing a red belt and fedor is wearing a blue belt. Huh? #
  • @FightLaunch in general or at M-1 last night? KC's scene has been going strong since the blackout days in the 90's. Good fighters here! in reply to FightLaunch #
  • Judging in Topeka. Figures that someone would schedule a boxing event on the night of the UFC. Wonder if I can get a p-b-p on my phone… #

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