Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2009-11-15

  • Haha, 2 misfires at the range and one "mistweet". No injuries on either. #
  • New smoothie place in LS. Healthy people are cool; "health" people could stand to be beaten with a giant sausage. There is a difference. #
  • The fun of shooting a gun is inversely proportional to the fun of cleaning it afterward. Up to my wrists in carbon and Hoppes #9. #
  • KC is on crack. They've been playing xmas music on the radio for a week now and already have lights out. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. #
  • Ahora me voy al gymnasio para ejercisio hasta que yo vomito. #
  • nothing like the sight of a 400lb hambeast chowing down on all-you-can-eat tacos to make you skip your own cheat meal for the week. Damnit. #
  • ISCF national MMA tourney about to start, judging again this weekend. Hell, judging every weekend this month. #
  • 24 fights this morning, 16 tonight, the UFC, then more tomorrow. Going to be MMA'd out on Monday. Might take up full contact couch sitting #
  • 108 puts on a classy event, we even have little Andes mints on the ringside tables. Missed dinner so I'm swiping the ring doctor's share. #

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